Religious Destination Wedding in Portugal? Find here 4 beautiful churches!

Are you planning a destination wedding in Porto? Will it be a religious ceremony?
Then, this article was written for you!

This is a day that will stay in your memory forever. As such, we are sure that you will want everything to match your expectations, and that you will choose everything in detail!

For this reason, when choosing the church for your destination wedding, you must also consider what you imagine for this day.

In the city of Porto, you will find churches with magnificent architectures and imposing altars. Today we introduce you to 4 of the most emblematic:

Sé do Porto – As its name implies, this is one of the most representative points of the city! Located in the historic center of the city, it features a romantic architecture.

Clérigos Church – The Clérigos church and tower are one of the best-known symbols of this city. There is no better way to get into the spirit of the city than to choose this church in the heart of Porto for your celebration!

Lapa’s Church- Built over more than 1 century, this church with neoclassical details is known for its magnificent staircases. Its interior features several magnificent altars.

S. Ildefonso Church – If you are a fan of typical Portuguese tiles, then you have to know this church! Its tiled exterior attracts anyone’s attention!

Are you already on google looking for more about these churches? Our wedding planners know this city in depth and help you find the perfect place for your ceremony!

In addition, they are still trained to help you with all the bureaucracy necessary for your religious wedding and if you are concerned that the priest speaks in a language that your guests do not understand, we can still find a priest who speaks Chinese if necessary!

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