3 Tips for a Destination Wedding in Portugal on a hot day

Are you going to have a Destination Wedding in Portugal during the hottest summer months? So you must have noticed that some days the temperature of the thermometers explodes!

If you are afraid that it is too hot, the solution is to always ensure that you have a way to alleviate this situation. We don’t want you or your guests to get all red in the face!

So today our wedding planners give you three pieces of advice to help you manage the situation:

1 – Ensure a zone with shade: If it’s hot, you don’t want your guests to spend too much time in the sun. If your ceremony is outdoors, make sure there are shaded places, at least for the most sensitive people, like your grandparents. During the cocktail party, put up umbrellas so that everyone can take shelter.

2- Pay attention to the hours: You should try to escape the hottest hours. Start the ceremony around 3:00 pm when the sun is already starting to go down and so during the rest of the party you also avoid unwanted sunburns!

3 – Efficient Service: The best thing in the world when we are hot is a very cold drink, with a few ice cubes! It guarantees a good bar service capable of fulfilling all orders! If you prefer to add a Portuguese touch, a bucket of super bock beers is always a hit!

Sound like a good plan to you? Our wedding planners are ready to help you find all the solutions for any situation!

If you don’t believe it, then fill in our form and test us!

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