4 great reasons to get married in Portugal!

In today’s post (I know, I miss it for a long time!) I’m going to give you 4 great reasons to get married in Portugal, reasons that I hope it will force you, instantly, to pick up your veil, to pack your bags and travel to this country full of charms!

#1. The geographical location and the wonderful weather. How many of us say “we are situated in a holy forgotten piece of the world”?! With the ocean bathing the coast, we can organize weddings on the beach with incredible landscapes that provide you breathtaking moments, Moreover, our rivers bring a romance which is increasingly sought by couples that want to get married. In the other hand, we can not forget that Portugal is a country full of traditions and you can find many rural áreas to get a boho style wedding. Finally, our climate (best in the South, I must confess!), provides a fantastic outdoor’s scenery full of love. Did you know that we are one of the European countries with more hours of sunshine?! Well,… bring up your sunscreen lotion, you will need it!

#2. The food. As I always say to my costumers, the food is one of the most important aspects at a wedding and that factor, easily, stays at the guests’ memory, either in a positive or negative way. For that reason, we should never forget our roots and traditional Portuguese food that delights Greeks and the Trojans. Have you ever heard any foreigner speak bad thing about our food?! Certainly not, because there is no criticism possible! Our food is phenomenal! Come here and let’s share cheese, stuffed and Portuguese soap that really warms our hearts (and stomachs!).

#3. Great quality/price ration. Truth must be said: we are one of the cheapest countries in the UE and it’s easy to find excellent quality services and products at a very affordable price. In this sense, we can get the best suppliers at the best prices and it wouldn’t be possible in other countries, for example, in the country just next to us!

#4. Passionated Vendors. When a couple is seeking for suppliers to provide services for the big day, what captivates is the empathy and the romance that exist around them. I believe that in Portugal we have plenty of them! We have people working in this área which very professional and completely in love with their job. From photographers to designers, we are passionate and dedicated, which greatly facilitates our work and allows us to savor every moment in a very special way! I venture to say that besides passionate about what we do, we are passionate about our country!

So what?! Did I manage to turn this gray late winter day on a bright spring day and make you all dreamed of a beautiful wedding near the river?! I hope so!


Mary Me Eventos, João Almeida, Caqui, Mariana Bernardes e Joaquim Fial.


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