5 Tips to Help You Choose Your Wedding Planner

He popped the question and you’re looking to hire the planner for your wedding but you don’t know how to choose it?! We lend you a hand on that! Here you have our top 5 tips:

#1. Check online information

It’s very important to create online empathy with the planners you contact. Google information about the Companies, check their websites and social media and find connection points with them and you/your wedding. Research for portfolio videos, photos and opinions and check everything that is easily reachable online. With that homework made, contact a maximum of 5 Companies and ask their fee and services’ brochures.

#2. Schedule an appointment and meet the team behind the Company

After getting their fee and studying the service proposed, contact the Company to schedule a no commitment meeting. It’s essential to get the real empathy with your planner. You need to trust the Company you’re hiring. Ask about the team composition: professional qualification, languages’ skills and their attendance during the planning process. In the end, they are planning the most important day of your lives.

#3. Ask about previous work and feedback from previous couples

Although is crucial to find a Company that you feel good with after chatting a bit, you need to find out its experience, years in the field. You can get that information from asking directly to the Company or searching online but you can also ask the planner to put you in contact with previous clients. The confidence of giving you direct communication with them will give you reliability about its work because the Company is being transparent and trustworthy to you. Don’t forget to ask for past background in events that are similar to yours. For example, if you’re planning a Jewish wedding don’t hire a Company that doesn’t have knowledge about it or if you want to get married at the Douro Valley hire a planner with portfolio in that area. That’s the best way to guarantee privileged contacts and great maximization of the investment you’re making.

#4. Get to know the suppliers’ relationship with the planner

How the Company chooses its suppliers will let you know about its standards and gives you insurance of the quality and the effectiveness of the service. Get to know how, when and why they propose those suppliers. How many suppliers they offer for each business area?! You need to inform yourself about the planning process to know if it works for you as you’ll be facing it until the wedding day.

#5. Choose the Company type that suits you.

Ask yourself if you prefer an agency or a personalized wedding planner company. At first, an agency will have an unlimited number of events per year and per day and a planner company accepts a limited number per year and doesn’t coordinate more than one wedding per day. The first type of company offers you a lot of solutions for your wedding but doesn’t give you a TaylorMade service that studies your budget, your personality your type of event, your type of guests, etc. in order to get you THE perfect match for your day, as the second one. These 2 types of Companies are perfectly capable of organizing your wedding but your personality will define which type works best for you. Are you looking for a 100% commitment to your wedding?! You might choose the second option. If you want a trustworthy filter of the suppliers in the market but you don’t need that 100% attendance, an agency is perfect for you!

Now, it’s time to start that “wedding planner’s hunting” and we hope you’ll find this post interesting and useful.

Lots of love!

I hope you’ll find this post interesting and useful. For any further questions, feel free to ask me directly through e-mail or Instagram @maryme.eventos or Facebook.



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