A wonderful testimony from our couple Mary and Mathew!

Our couple Mary and Mathew, despite living in the UK, came to marry in Portugal and brought with them family and friends from the USA, Canada, Australia and England.
The first date scheduled for their wedding was September 2020, but due to the global pandemic we went through, they ended up postponing this fabulous day to 2022!

Today we bring you his testimony about their experience with Mary Me!
1. Why did you decide to get married in Portugal?

Mathew and I just moved to London after we got engaged and wanted to bring together all our loved ones for a weekend to celebrate. I have always loved Portugal since I travelled there years ago with friends — the food, the wine, the people, the architecture, everything. I was doing research on different wedding venues and came across the Pousada de Amares. I fell in love with the architecture, design and surroundings and when we went to visit, it was an instant connection for us both and we couldn’t wait to share this special place with our friends and family.

2. How did Mary Me help you?

We had a COVID wedding, having to postpone two times until we finally reached our wedding day three years later! Mary Me was very helpful each time we had to postpone to re-secure our vendors. As well, I had many ideas and things I wanted to do, but needed someone to keep us organised so that we could make it happen. As we got closer to our wedding day, Mariana really helped keep us on track of to-do’s and decisions we had to make to turn our ideas into a reality and prepare us to host our guests who were coming from around the world.

3. What do you highlight about your experience with Mary Me?

Planning a wedding can be stressful and frantic, there are so many pieces that need to come together. It was great having the Mary Me team there on our wedding day who knew what we wanted and could carry out our plan so that we could really focus on being present with each other, our friends and our family.

Mary Me remembers with a huge smile our entire experience with this couple and we wish them all the best in the world. It was a pleasure to be able to provide such a happy day, not only for them but also for their guests.

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