Be creative and get away from wedding themes!

Today we are going to talk about the – in our opinion – “worrying” wedding themes.

It’s been about 10 years, since we saw the first “theme” in weddings and it seems that this fashion is here to stay.

This is an issue that worries our customers and is always hard to escape.

We are not big fans of limiting and excessive themes because, increasingly, this is synonymous with lack of creativity and personal imprint: characteristics that we value a lot in all the weddings we organize!

So we will give you tips on how not to be so explicit on this subject so that you can have an even more taylormade wedding.



Why have a theme of “travel” or “cities” or “monuments” or “flowers” if you can have it all shaped in colors and textures, without even showing a word or a plane ticket?! That option, for sure, will definitely transports your guests directly to the “theme” without showing it all! Let your guests be also creative and let them imagine what you were thinking when you chose that flower “that you saw in the Netherlands” and that stone “that you picked up on the beach in the South of France”. Ask your Wedding Planner to help you combine everything in harmony and bring the best of both of you into the decor. It will be a precious help!


We all know that if we want fun, we have to hire a music company that makes the magic happen, not only on the dance floor, but throughout the event. Combined with great light choices people get more comfortable and it will bring your guests to neverland in a unique and engaging way. Do you want your guests to feel how you feel about each other?! Those butterflies in the belly?! So, use light, music, incense, aromatic candles and romantic lights and you will succeed for sure!. That “feeling” theme idea that you wanted for your big day will be welcomed twice by your guests and you don’t even have to write the word “love” because they will all feel in love for you instantly.


Think about your story, think about what truly unites you, and through the details that are so unique to you, you will be able to let everyone in the wedding know that every moment everything has been thought  from you, for them. This is our daily challenge: customizing each event to the fullest. All our guests, besides knowing that there was a wedding planning team behind, know that the wedding is from A with B, because every choice was studied and prepared to be like that. A wedding has to be personalized, otherwise is just a regular event. And that fact doesn’t come from any “Theme choice”, but from you!


So, that’s today challenge: how to be creative without being literal?!


If you’re considering to plan a destination wedding in 2020 or 2021, we hope you’ll find this post interesting and useful. For any further questions, feel free to ask me directly through e-mail, Instagram or Facebook.



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