Carolina and Gautam: an Indian Wedding in Portuguese Land


When Carolina and Gautam first contacted us, we were far from knowing that we would be so warmly and dearly embraced by them and their families and that together we would cross such a beautiful journey, full of love and joy.

They live in Maryland, USA, but they fell in love in Portugal, while Gautam came for a trip with his friends and that’s why they chose her country to celebrate their union, with and hindu wedding, by the river.

Although she is from Caldas da Rainha, Porto was the perfect spot to receive guests from all over the world, as they wanted to honor Carolina’s deceased father.

As a typical Indian wedding we’ve started with the Mendhi Night. This event took place in a local cellar – Real Companhia Velha – and all enjoyed a happy and musical evening where we’ve listened to honest speeches and watched to original and incredible Indian dances, all prepared by their guests.

As the next day was going to start early, the party ended around 11:30 pm and all came back to their hotels by bus.

The majority of their guests were staying at the same venue as the wedding ceremony took place. Btw, an amazing and luxurious Hotel – The Yeatman.
In the next day, preparation started at 07:00 am with a lot of color and laughs.

Around 09:00 am, we’ve jumped to The Taylors to have the Haldi, a private and intimate ceremony, with just some relatives of their families where Bride and Groom got all painted and blessed by them.

Then, all their 170 guests had an Indian buffet lunch there, and came back to their hotels to get ready for the ceremony.

At 2:00 pm, Gautam rode a white horse and walked to the ceremony place with music, Indian dance steps and noise, all made by his groomsmen and family.
Without getting the chance to see her before she arrived at the mandap, he patiently waited for his lovely future wife that arrived minutes after with her bridesmaid and pages, under a romantic flowers chaddar.

Before the feast, some guests opt to switch clothes – as they all brought amazing sarees – and others took the chance to have a private visit to the cellar Taylors, while Bride and Groom had their photoshoot and also got ready for dinner.

With such a breathtaking landscape the party went all night long and when we left, around 02:00 am, everybody was having a blast, dancing, singing and enjoying this special moment with the Carolina and Gautam.

In the next day, a little bit tired from the previous night, they all went to a vineyard in Pinhão – Quinta do Seixo -, where they saw locally how the Porto Wine is produced and magically created.

During the planning process we got the contribution of all the closest family of bride and groom. We got lucky to enter their lives and allow them to enter ours and, in the end, we’re blessed to have them as our Mary Me family.

Thank you to all the people involved in to make this wedding a successful day. We appreciate each effort and commitment.

The images speak for themselves, so we really hope you’ll enjoy them!

I hope you’ll find this post interesting and useful. For any further questions, feel free to ask me directly through e-mail or Instagram @maryme.eventos or Facebook.



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