Charming trends for 2020

We’ve noticed that there’s a general guideline that our 2020 couples follow and we’ve decided to share them with you on today’s post.

So, check our 2020 trends.


Is there a better way to make a wedding memorable than to lighting it the right way? By 2020, we look forward to see LED installations and vibrant dance floors. Candlelights and lamps are still on trend for creating an intimate and romantic vibe. The options are endless!


You probably didn’t start planning your wedding with a color in mind, do you? But color is one of our favorite trends. Expect to see new and fresh colors like neons, yellows, mint, lilac, blues, giving rise to serene and happy combinations. Classic BLUE is the color of choice for 2020, a timeless, elegant and simple blue to which bring us peace, security, stability and protection.


In these eco-conscious times we live in, more than ever, couples have been concerned about environmental responsibility and the ecological footprint. As so, couples are looking at ways to host responsibly, being more aware and aware of waste, they seek sustainable resources and support local producers and causes. Donating flowers to solidarity causes, use of organic materials, plastic free ceremony and without waste.

Relaxed and Informal – DOURO

Top of the wedding trend list are informal and casual gatherings. The quiet views to the Douro river are the perfect spot to get that. Couples opt for more meaningful and cozy celebrations with their dearest friends and relatives. It means we are expecting a season of more intimate ceremonies, we are talking about more informal weddings but keeping traditions alive. Couples aim to spend quality time with their guests. Terracotta, colors, courtyard and vines….DOURO is the perfect place to gather friends and family in a quiet and exclusive, it’s all about the atmosphere and vibe.

City – PORTO

To keep things magical, couples are becoming more creative and sophisticated with their requests. The noisy cities became charming in the last months and couples like to have their wedding “where everything is going on”, as it’s easily accessible for everyone. GOING BIG is the golden rule! Big decor, fireworks, giant statements, flowers and oversized centerpieces, huge balloons and giant lights. Elements that will take your breath away when you walk into the room.


Note to self:

Although these are the trends make sure that you do things your way! After all, this is your day! Why should you have to follow the “rules” when it comes to celebrate your love story?

Remember, it’s the beginning of your own adventure, make it memorable!


If you’re considering to plan a destination wedding in 2020 or 2021, we hope you’ll find this post interesting and useful. For any further questions, feel free to ask me directly through e-mail or Instagram/FACEBOOK.



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