Styling & Mood boards

Today I’ve decided to give you some tips to help you planning your wedding decoration.

I put together some mood boards that I’ve made for some previous clients: all different and all 100% personalized.

I hope you’ll enjoy it and that it will help you for your big day.

I hope you’ll find this post useful. Any question, feel free to ask me directly through e-mail, or instagram @maryme.eventos / @mm.privatecollection or Facebook.

1. Crazy orange color

This couple loved the orange color and it had to be shown on their big day. I tried not to over-emphasize that color too much to avoid make it a bit childish and, instead, create that comfortable and relaxed scenario that this couple wanted so much.

2. Pink, Nude and White

This wedding had to be exquisite, classic and elegant. The couple chose these colors and they wantted a strong and prominent decoration. Outcome: a warm, romantic and affectionate scenario.

3. Gold & White

The refinement was a “must have” of this couple. The charm of the gold color and the peace of the white were the perfect matches. In a quiet and light manner, we highlighted the color gold when we chose the chairs and in other elements of the decorations. We had to bring some “nature” to this set up so it had to be given white and various greens. 

4. Old Rose:

These clients wanted a decoration with some vintage elements but they did not want to have another trite decoration as they were watching every day. Through the old rose, I managed to unite several different styles, creating an atmosphere beyond intimate, quite romantic!

5. Mexican fever

Exactly with the same basic colors as in 1., but in a totally different perspective, this couple intended to bring Mexico to their wedding. The task was super funny to realize and the result was a joyful space, full of color and harmony.

6. Blush

This mood board was created for our last wedding inspiration (available here). I wanted that the blush color could bring romanticism and seduction to all the present elements. Despite being on the beach, the atmosphere would have to be exquisite and comfortable at the same time, and for that reason, we carried the wedding table with a lot (a lot!!) of flowers. The result was overwhelming: a magnificent landscape but also a unique harmony created by the vibrant colors that we’ve chosen (cover photo).

We must inform that the great majority of the decorations present in the photos reproduced here are not made from us. These were only inspirations that presented for our clients in order to help them visualize a wedding decoration proposal.



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