Do you want to have an intimate destination wedding in Portugal? We show you how!

If you’re planning a intimate destination wedding in Portugal and you’ve narrowed your guest list down to just the closest people, we’re sure you want to get the most out of their company and want them to feel how important they are to you. Don’t know how to do it the best way? We give you 3 ways to do it:

1- Choose a cozy space- Your guests’ comfort should be at the top of your priority list! Therefore, you should look for a cozy space that has enough accommodation for everyone. In this way, they will also be able to spend more time together, creating even more memories. For example, have brunch all together the day after the wedding, to replenish energy before heading home.

2- Remember your guests’ tastes – Since your guests are the people you consider closest, you certainly know them quite well So why not take some of their personal details and include them in your wedding? For example, why not serve your dad’s favorite dessert or use your sister’s favorite flowers to decorate the centerpieces?

3- Have fun together – Take advantage of the fact that you have a more restricted group of guests and have fun together exploring the area where you are going to hold your destination wedding. For example, get together for a boat trip across the Douro, while enjoying the beautiful landscapes and maybe even enjoying some snacks on board!

You can’t wait to have an intimate destination wedding, but do you think you’ll be so stressed that you won’t even be able to enjoy it? We have the solution for you!
Leave all the planning in the hands of our wedding planners and make the most of this day, without any kind of worries!

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