Do you want to know the reasons why our wedding planners don’t lose their minds during the high season of destination weddings?!

If you have started to organize your destination wedding in Portugal, you have certainly already started to lose your mind, because you are far from the country where you decided to get married. Now imagine how our wedding planners could be, in the height of wedding season, if they didn’t have a work organization method that allowed them not only to manage one, but several!

On the other hand, the destination weddings season started on the 2nd of May and our wedding planners have their days filled with various tasks but also tricks, which you can also take with you, and which help to keep the organization, creativity and fun while working!

1 – KNOW THE WEDDING PROGRAM FROM BACK TO FRONT – Each destination wedding has its specific line-up, with everything you can’t miss, from setting up to lifting the last glass. Not only do they know it from front to backward, but they always have paper and digital support with them and, to this day, they guarantee that all the suppliers they work with know it too. This is one of the keys to success, because they are also human and unforeseen can happen and the important thing is to distribute the game as best as possible, so that everything that was outlined happens, in the most correct way possible!

2- CHECKLISTS AND MORE CHECKLISTS- It is very important for our wedding planners to create specific checklists for each wedding. Not only with the layout, and guestslists, but also with elements that must be present at all times. We talk about the memories that must be in the place where the guests sit, in the missals on the benches or even in the team’s intercom radios!

3- BRAINSTORINGS ALL THE TIME – Discussions between people are always fabulous and super productive! As they work in a company with different departments and areas, they all intervene to resolve any issues that arise. And we always encourage this, because we always think that we all have a lot to gain from these conversations! So, if you have doubts about any subject, bring it to the debate, which will certainly gain clarification at the end!

Of course, often, the anxiety for everything to go to comfort the customers are waiting can make our wedding planners more hesitant but, in the end, the result has been so happy for all, that we keep repeating it! 🙂

And voila! One more trick!
Despite this being a very exhausting season, emotionally and physically, the entire MARY ME ® team faces this time with good mood and happiness, because that, has to be, always the motto with which they face work! Just like you!

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