Everything about our 2022 destination wedding season!

The 2022 wedding season is over for Mary Me.
If you have a destination wedding for Portugal next year, or even later, we are sure you want to know how this year went for us!
That’s why we spoke to our wedding planners to reveal some of their work over the last few months:

What was the biggest challenge you overcame this year?
The volume of marriages was high. We had weddings from the previous year that were postponed to 2022 and added to those already planned. In this way, we had a greater concentration of events with close dates, for which there are always last-minute details to be defined. Fulfilling all these requests is always challenging, but rewarding when we see our newlyweds enjoying one of the happiest days of their lives.

What unforeseen events happened and how did you solve them?
We had weddings where temperatures were very high or, on the other hand, where we had practically all the moments planned for outside and it was raining. In these situations, we use Plan B, already designed to guarantee everyone’s comfort and the best conditions for these very special days.
We also had other unforeseen events, such as a bus transporting guests having broken down just as it was about to start to take them to the accommodation. In this situation, we had the help of one of the space employees who promptly applied his knowledge of him and gave enormous help to get the bus up and running. At that time, we also already had a replacement vehicle on the way to guarantee the service. All arrived at their destination safe and sound, just a few minutes later.

How did you find the best suppliers for each customer?
We studied the characteristics of the couple, their tastes and expectations, on the other hand, we combine them with the work, experience and the characteristics of our suppliers.
We do a careful research work in the selection of our suppliers and in this way we can guarantee the quality of the service provided and the satisfaction of our couples.

Now it’s time to prepare for the next season! Do you want to be part? Then contact us using our form!

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