Everything you need to have on the to do list for you destination wedding in Portugal!

If you have just decided to celebrate your Destination Wedding in Portugal, we are sure that everything is new to you and that you must not be aware of everything you have to deal with. So, as we tdon’t want you to miss any detail, today we leave you a list for your destination wedding of what you can’t forget:

1 – Find the venue: It may seem obvious, but this is one of the most important tasks you will have, as it serves as the basis for your wedding. When choosing a venue, you should always consider the style you are looking for, you may prefer a luxury hotel, a romantic palace or even a passionate Vineyard in the Douro. So, focus your research on what you really envision for your destination wedding, only then will you find the ideal place!

2 – Select all the necessary services: There are several providers you have to find, do you have a pen to point? So let’s get started: photographer, videographer, catering, pregnant design, DJ, decor, makeup artist, hairdresser… These are just the most basic ones, if you like to innovate and have more ideas to put into practice, like a magician, then don’t forget to also add to the list!

3 – Take care of your guests – Your guests are one of the most important parts of your Destination Wedding, so make sure they have everything they need. Find them accommodation, transport to pick them up and take them to the ceremony and offer them a super original and useful welcome bag when they arrive!

Does it seem like too much to handle from a distance? It is to facilitate all this logistics that we are here. What are you waiting for to fill in our form? Just click here.

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