Everything you need to know for the Save the Date of your Destination Wedding in Portugal!

Have you just started taking the first steps in planning your destination wedding in Portugal?! Then it’s time to start thinking about your save the date!

Our wedding planners explain everything you need to know in today’s article:

1 – Why you should send a save the date: Since this is a destination wedding in which most of your guests must come from far away and need to book inbound and outbound flights. For this reason, it is advisable to know the date in advance to arrange everything for the trip.

2- When you should send: The ideal time is between 9 to 12 months in advance, so that everyone can organize everything in time to be present. So the sooner you can ship the better!

3 – What it should contain: This answer is simple, you only need to provide two information: the date and the city where you are going to get married. This is the essential information your guests will need to plan flights, stay or even organize their holidays.

Here’s an extra tip: opt for digital delivery! Thus, you guarantee that people from different parts of the world receive the information at the same time.

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