Everything you should mention on your save-the-date for your destination wedding in Portugal!

I’m sure you’ve already thought about what details you should put in your save the date if you’re planning your wedding remotely.

Keeping this in mind, there are specific procedures you must adhere to in order for the Save the Date to serve its purpose and ensure that all information is properly transferred.

MARY ME shares them with you:

– DATE: Since the majority of destination weddings involve more than one day of celebration, many of our customers choose to include not only the wedding date but also the date of the event days. By doing this, you provide your visitors the opportunity to indicate on their schedule which days they will need to travel outside of the nation.

– CITY: Since this is not a formal invitation, you only need to specify the city rather than the precise location of your wedding. This information is crucial so that your visitors can find the closest airport and make airline reservations.

– ADVANCE DELIVERY! : Given that we’re talking about overseas travel, which will conflict with the work and vacation days they’ll need to take to really enjoy their stay in Portugal, the optimal period will always be between nine and twelve months in advance. In that regard, the likelihood that your friends and family can attend increases with the amount of advance.

However, we have certain clients who prefer delivery in paper format, mostly to family and close friends who reside in the same area. WhatsApp or email are the best ways to ensure quick shipment worldwide.

We are aware that there are numerous details, but your wedding planner is here to handle them all so you won’t have to. Contact us right now using our form.



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