Find out more about our wedding planners work!

Would you like to know what the work of a MARY ME wedding planners consists of? So today is your lucky day, because we show you a little bit of everyday life in our office and of our wedding planners work.

As can be expected, the priority of our wedding planners is to satisfy our customers, and their days revolve around doing as much as possible (and also the impossible) so that the Destination Weddings they are organizing exceed our customers’ expectations. .

To achieve this goal, our wedding planners are in contact with suppliers every day. And, if you come to visit us, you will most likely find them on a call with them or writing them an email.

The important thing is to find out the customer’s needs and find the perfect match with the supplier, and that’s where our wedding planners work their magic! They will look for the necessary supplier, check their budget and availability, present you with their proposals and close with the supplier you most identify with.

It’s a lot easier than spending a day on google looking for suppliers you’ve never even heard of and have no references.

That’s why we’re here to take this weight off your hands and do this work for you, finding suppliers you trust. You like the idea’ Then get in touch with us using our form.

If you want to know even more about our work around the office, then follow our Instagram page! Here whe share daily updates about our work and amazing tips for Destination weddings in Portugal!



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