Greenery: Pantone’s choice for 2017 is still trendy.

As you all should know, Pantone has chosen the greenery color for 2017 and since that selection, many brides have asked us how they can use it without overkilling their decorations.

Let me first reply that, unless someone’s better opinion, this is one of those colors that we can greatly enhance in floral decoration, without making it gaudy.

This color has always been present in the most varied wedding decorations, and the truth is that it has never been given proper attention. But it seems that time has come!

We can use it in more refined scenarios and also in others more rustic and informal. We can highlight it or have it as a backdrop.

As it is said: a picture is worth a thousand words so, I leave here several decorations that we’ve been doing and in which greenery was present.

I hope you’ll find this post useful. Any question, feel free to ask me directly through e-mail, or Instagram @maryme.eventos / @mm.privatecollection or Facebook.

Feel free to suggest new topics for upcoming posts. I will be happy to help you and, of course, it always feeds my creativity!


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