Having a Symbolic Destination Wedding in Portugal? Everything you need to know!

If you come from the United States to celebrate your destination wedding in Portugal, we know that the most likely thing is that you want a symbolic ceremony to avoid bureaucracy, after all, who wants to have their head buried in paperwork?

Our wedding planners are experts in symbolic ceremonies, and they know exactly what to pay attention to so that you have an unforgettable destination wedding.

But then, what can’t be missing?

Book a venue with a breathtaking view. – We are sure that you will want your destination wedding set to be spectacular. Therefore, choose a venue that offers a breathtaking view for the ceremony. Maybe by the river, by the sea, or even in the most beautiful vineyards in the country!

A celebrant who knows you well. – This is an extremely important choice! As you don’t want anyone to fall asleep during the ceremony, choose someone charismatic for this position. Someone who knows your story from the funniest moments to those that will make you shed a tear of happiness when remembering.

The most important people in your life. – It may seem obvious, but bring your loved ones with you! If they take time out of their lives to make this trip, it’s because they want to be present at this moment in your life! Thank them and show them how much you appreciate their presence!

Do you find these tips useful? Then leave your Destination Wedding in Portugal in our hands and we will put all this into practice!
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