How our wedding planners crush the Destination Wedding Season!

The destination wedding season is the busiest time of the year for MARY ME, but our wedding planners are prepared to take everything that comes and goes and always face everything with good energy!

Do you want to know how they manage to handle everything and do an excellent job? We show you 3 tricks from our wedding planners:

1- Keep the agenda organized: Organization is a must! Our wedding planners organize all your tasks in their planners so that nothing goes wrong. From meetings to suppliers that have to be contacted, nothing escapes them!

2- Set priorities: At a time with so many weddings happening and with so many things to deal with and resolve, it is necessary to set priorities and decide what to focus on first. Therefore, daily, our wedding planners determine what is the highest priority so that everything is handled on time.

3 – Confirm everything twice: Because our wedding planners don’t want anything to fail, they want to ensure that everything is taken care of. To achieve that, our wedding planners always confirm more thant once everything with our suppliers and our customers, to make sure everyon will happen as planned and to prevente unforseen events.

Our wedding planners are ready to crush every wedding of this season.

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