How to choose the date for your wedding

Saying “yes” to a marriage proposal is one of the most memorable moments in a couple’s life, but right after that, a question arises: when will you get married?

Choosing the wedding date is the first big decision in a long planning process that will culminate in the big day, and it’s not as easy a choice as it sounds.

Therefore, in this article, MARY ME® helps you choosing the ideal day for the big day!


One of the most symbolic ways to do this is to choose a date that is meaningful to both of you; for example, the day you both met.

Easy to memorize

A common technique when choosing dates is simply choosing a date that is easy to remember, such as July 7th (7.7).


Another option is to choose a date depending on the location where the honeymoon or the wedding will take place, particularly if it is a destination wedding. In other words, if the intended destination is a beach one, it makes more sense to get married in the summer.

The convenience of the guests

What time of the year is most convenient for your guests, at least the most important ones?

Availability of the suppliers

It is often preferable to coordinate the date with the availability of suppliers, especially if they are of high quality or reliability.

Couple availability

Obviously, the couple will also have to take into account their own availability, perhaps choosing the period of the year when they will have the greatest opportunity to focus on the wedding.

But if you still have doubts about the ideal date, don’t worry! MARY ME® assists you in this and all other stages of your wedding planning and management process, so start preparing it with us now!



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