How to enjoy your destination wedding in Portugal with your guests!

Enjoying your days in Portugal with your guests was certainly one of the factors that attracted you to choose our country to celebrate your destination wedding!

Portugal has a very rich culture and there are several experiences that you can have. So think about what you would most like to do with your guests and what they would most appreciate. I’m sure you have guests from different age groups, and it may seem not easy to find something that everyone likes, but we’ll help you understand exactly what fits best:

Enjoy a Fado Night – Fado is a typically Portuguese musical style that can awaken emotions and move anyone. Therefore, why not organize a welcome dinner with performances from this musical genre? It will not pass indifferently to anyone!

Live the grape harvest experience – This is a great activity for those who still have a lot of energy, but even the older ones will enjoy watching! We are sure that it will be a moment of great joy, with lots of laughter and that it will be memorable for everyone!

Have fun on a boat trip: This activity is ideal if you have guests of different ages, as everyone from the oldest to the youngest will love it! Absorb all the beauty of nature in the Portuguese landscapes and surrender to the charms of our lands!

You can´t wait for your days in our country? We are also looking forward to letting you know our country!
For this to happen, you can start by filling out our form, leave the rest to us!

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