How to ensure your guests will talk about your destination wedding for the next 100 years!

If you’ve decided to have a destination wedding in Portugal, it’s because you want to throw a party that will stay in everyone’s memory for the next 100 years!
Sounds like an impossible mission? None of that!
Just follow what we are going to tell you, and this day will be remembered for more than 100 years:

-Ensures that everyone has as much fun as ever: Here you have to think about the perfect entertainment, chosen in detail for each of the guests present; Fabulous food and drink that respects everyone’s standards and showcases the culture of the country you’ve chosen as home.

-Wow factor venue: “WOW! it was for this that we had to travel 10hr.” You won’t want your guests to regret the plane trip, so it’s essential that when deciding on your venue, you also think about the comfort and expectations that your guests have. They decided to take a vacation to come to your wedding, so choose a space with accommodation and recreational activities nearby.

-Show that you have organized everything down to the smallest detail: A destination wedding involves at least 3 days of events. As much as you might not even offer all the activities to all your guests, they will be very pleased and will feel included in the organization process if you show them that everything was thought out for them and with them. That you want to share the days with them and that you thought of activities to do together and also get to know the country and the culture.

Do you know how your destination wedding could be even more memorable? If you left all this in our hands and lived this whole experience in the most relaxed way possible! Just get in touch with us using our form.

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