How to have a Destination Wedding in Portugal that no one will forget!

If you are planning a destination wedding in Portugal, We are sure you want to make the most of the country and have a destination wedding no one will forget!
For this reason, you should have the help of someone who knows the best the country has to offer and at the same time knows how to have an unforgetable wedding! And who better to support you than our wedding planners?

Venue: The Douro Valley region offers a little of all the best that Portugal has to offer. The fantastic natural landscapes in this part of the country are enough to make anyone’s jaw drop! Take advantage of the beautiful vineyards as a location for your welcome dinner, and include a wine tasting on your to-do list for the day before!

Decoration: Give your decor a Portuguese touch!
Why not use tile patterns on the menus that will be on the tables? Another idea is to use small details in cork, a material so typical of Portugal!
Also, don’t forget to wear something that identifies your culture and your history!

Entertainment: Entertainment makes all the difference, it’s what turns a banal destination wedding into an original destination wedding! We know that’s what you’re looking for, so we suggest you present your guests with a performance by a fado singer accompanied by a Portuguese guitar! Without a doubt, it will be an unforgettable moment!

Are you already visualizing everything in your head but you don’t know how to plan it all?
Our wedding planners are ready to get to work and start this journey with you and to plan a destination wedding no one will forget!
Does it look good to you? Then contact us using our form.

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