How we can support you on your destination wedding in Portugal!

Is your destination wedding day in Portugal just around the corner? As it is expected, we are sure that your head must be spinning thinking about everything you need to pay attention to on this day. For this reason, and because we want you to make the most of it, at MARY ME we guarantee that you will have the full support of a team to coordinate this day, in addition to all the prior planning with the wedding planner.

There are several tasks to be carried out so that everything goes according to plan and it is always necessary to pay attention to the most diverse details and to take care of all possible unforeseen events.

For that reason, they will ensure that all suppliers are within the plan and that they work in harmony. For example, they must communicate the time it takes the photographer to take the photos to the head of the room, so that the catering is ready as soon as it is time to start at dinner.
Have you ever thought about it? These are the kind of details that, with experience, our coordination teams already know they must have in attention.

And your guests? How will they know where to turn at any given moment? What if they are chatting in the cocktail area instead of going into the dining room?
Our team will ensure that everyone knows where to go, that your parents know where to sit at the ceremony and that the best man has the microphone in his hand at the time of his speech!

As you can see, during this day, our wedding planners will travel so many kms from one place to another, ensuring that everything is ready, that in the end they won’t even need to go to the gym!

Do you want our support? Then contact us using our form.

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