If you are thinking about getting married in 2022… you should have already started preparing your destination wedding

Many couples leave their destination wedding preparations until it’s too late, lulled into thinking that organizing a wedding isn’t all that difficult.
The truth is that if you’re thinking about getting married next year, it’s better that you’ve got everything outlined and oriented by now.
This is because most of the venues and suppliers are already occupied. The pandemic has forced many couples to postpone their destination weddings to 2022, which has caused the number of reservations and appointments to skyrocket, resulting in fewer options available for those who still don’t have the essentials.

If you are one of those cases, you will necessarily have to be flexible in terms of dates and suppliers, you have no other alternative.
However, despite this, there is something that is essential for you to keep: ensuring that everything lives up to your expectations! It is not because there are fewer options that you have to lower the level of what you aspire and want for your destination wedding.

Just make sure that, despite all the limitations, you can work with quality and reliable suppliers. For this you will have to know the market well; make regular trips to the host country to ensure that everything is running smoothly; visit different venues and locations to see which one is the most suitable for your wedding; taste different dishes and wines in order to include them in the big day, etc.
No matter how much work all this takes, you have to keep in mind that the non-negotiable maxim of your marriage should be: respect your expectations. And you can only do this by ensuring the best possible quality.

However, for many couples, despite this being precisely what they want, an obstacle arises: the lack of availability and patience to do all this work and effort. If you are one of those cases and want to get married in Portugal schedule a diagnostic meeting with MARY ME® and we can assure you that, even with 2022 already around the corner, your wedding will be as faithful as possible to the one you always envisioned.



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