It all starts with a marriage proposal – 5 essential tips for the perfect proposal!

The marriage proposal is the beginning of a long journey to the altar. But while MARY ME takes care of all the preparations for the big day, the proposal is yours alone! Therefore, it is important to know some tips that can help you in this great moment!

Engage yourself!

It seems obvious, but many think that a simple kneeling is enough. Remember that this is supposed to be an impactful and unforgettable moment, that you can tell your children about one day. And every detail counts, from the location to the speech, passing, of course, through the ring!

Dress appropriately!

It goes without saying that your own image also has great influence during the proposal. Yes, of course, your partner likes your physical appearance, but it’s a good idea to dress up according to the importance of the occasion.

Think about the family!

It may seem outdated to many, but asking permission from the parents of the future spouse is a good thing and is a nice sign of respect and consideration.

Keep it a secret!

Don’t spoil the big moment by letting everything know in advance. Knowing how to keep a secret is essential to the impact of the moment.

Take into account your partner’s preferences!

At this point in the relationship you probably already know (or should) the preferences and tastes of the person you want to marry. Public or private? On the beach or in the comfort of a hotel? Even the date can make a big difference. Make sure that whatever you decide fits your partner’s personality.



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