Know the advantages of hiring a MARY ME® wedding planner to plan your destination wedding in Portugal!

Are you starting to plan your destination wedding in Portugal, but don’t know where to turn? In our experience, you should have help from a wedding planner who is present on national soil and who is prepared to take care of everything necessary.
In today’s article we give you four reasons why our wedding planners should help you:

1 – Know-how – With our proven experience in the market, our wedding planners are prepared to find solutions for all the unforeseen circumstances that may cross your mind and even more!

2- Matching expectations – MARY ME’s ® wedding planners pay attention to everything you say and guarantee to find you all the suppliers that best match your expectations, at a glance!

3- 1 point of contact – Why to spend your days in a thousand and one calls, and “lost in translation emails” with all your suppliers, when being in contact with your wedding planner can be enough and still save lives?!

4- Coordination of the day – Our team makes a point of being present on your big day, to ensure that everything goes for the best and that you can relax and enjoy, without worries around you. Being on top of all the planning, we know all the details upfront and we can guarantee that everything goes according to the alignment.

In other words, our Wedding Planners are super prepared to give everything in the preparation of your destination wedding and to find solutions for everything that may seem like the end of the world.

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