Last details for planning a destination wedding in Portugal!

The whole process of planning a destination wedding in Portugal requires a lot of organization, but the last details triple the stress.
The feeling that you might be forgetting something is part of these last few days, but in this article, our wedding planners will help you to uncomplicate these steps:

1 – Guest check-ins: We know that at a destination wedding most of the guests, if not all, come from far away. So, to make everyone feel welcome, confirm everyone’s reservations with the hotel and arrange check-ins, you don’t want anyone sleeping on the couch.

2- Welcome Bags and Souvenirs – Ensure that you communicate to the venue where you are going to get married, and where and when they should be placed, so that your guests receive them and are happy, with the little treat prepared.

3-Review the schedule of the wedding- If the day of your destination wedding is almost at the door, surely you already have a defined schedule of everything that will happen. Don’t forget to review everything, together with all the suppliers of your wedding, always anticipating the unforeseen that may occur and communicating to them how you want them to be resolved.

Did we help you to orient yourself or did we create an even deeper knot in that head?!
If you’re still feeling adrift, afraid of missing something, we have the magic solution for you and you’re looking at it.
At MARY ME, our wedding planners already know all the essentials for your destination wedding by heart and they always have suggestions for extras! They are the key for planning a destination wedding in Portugal thar no one will forget.

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