Make your guests feel welcome at your destination wedding: what you can’t miss!

Organizing a destination wedding requires a lot of details that cannot be forgotten, otherwise you will ruin the experience you want to give your guests here in Portugal.

On the other hand, we also want you to enjoy the days you’re spending in Portugal, so in this article we’re leaving you with some tips and for sure, you’ll want to note them!

  1. Double check: Even having made the reservations for accommodation and transfers, or for another suppliers chosen to maximize your guests’ stay in Portugal, 72 hours before their arrival, you should contact them to certify that everything is correct as planned.
  2. Transfers: Create an Excel doc with the schedules of your guests’ flights and make sure that the transfers’ company has the all the information needed to collect guests. To and from the airport.
  3. Welcome bags: make sure they will be delivered at the right places and at a certain hours. Google Maps helps you calculate the right distances, even at rush hour.
  4. Food restrictions: An Excel doc (again!) will also help a lot as you can regist the needs of your guests but, once again, make sure that the respective suppliers are remembered.

With these tips, you will be able to enjoy your days here in Portugal, as you’re guaranteeing that your guests will have fun and will feel appreciated, which will allow you to enjoy their company, without any anxiety!

If you don’t know how to put all this into practice, talk to us. You can schedule a meeting with us using this form.




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