Planning a Destination wedding in Portugal? You need our help!

If you’re reading this article, it’s because you’re planning your destination wedding in Portugal and, regardless of which country you’re from, you’ll want this day to be memorable for years and years to come!
As such, in order to achieve your goal, you already know that you will need a wedding planner company that will make this whole experience unique!
At Mary Me, we want to provide you with the most unforgettable party day ever, exactly as you desire.

You will see all your expectations fulfilled! It’s impossible not to have wishes that you want to see come true on this day. We know exactly the best way to achieve what you want! From accommodation that provides the greatest comfort for that uncle of yours who doesn’t even like to leave the house anymore but comes to share this day with you, to ensuring that your bridesmaids will have the best make-up that you love so much and offer them!

-We managed to get you to this day without a wrinkle of worry! We want you to experience this journey as if you were on a first-class flight: sit down, press your seatbelt, grab a glass of champagne and enjoy, we guarantee you’ll arrive at your destination!

-We show you the best of the best that Portugal has to offer! Our hearts are full of pride for our country and we want to share it with you and your guests! That’s why we’re going to provide you with fabulous days in our country, full of fun and always with a taste of our culture!

Admit it, this is exactly what you were looking for! So get in touch with us through our form, simple and fast!

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