Because it is possible to have a happy day with rain

Today I’m going to show you our second wedding in 2016, that happened on the 2nd of April.

I received these photos a few days ago when it started raining here in Porto and I thought to myself: “What a great opportunity to post about it!”.

Who said that rainy days have to be sad and boring?!

This wedding demonstrates exactly the opposite. 🙂

Flor and Fred are living in Dubai and with their day already decided, they needed a Wedding Planner to help them with the planning.

Paying attention to each detail and refinement, we planned the wedding together through WhatsApp, Skype calls and E-mails, communications that together can tell us the story of this beautiful journey.

We built a friendship even though this big distance between us and, (once again!), I miss their daily contact.

As I said, their day was well blessed with all that rain but the emotion, warmth, and joy were contagious and are evident in all the photos taken by the team of Rui Teixeira that I’m dedicating today.


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