Which wedding dress best suits your body type?

After surviving to so many “Say yes to the dress!”, I can say that I barely look at a bride’s body to guess which dress she will choose in the end. That really help my brides to find their perfect dress in just one morning of searching!

Well, it is certain that some brides take longer than a morning to decide the dress but the truth is that, until today, it has always been a very fun and really quite fast task! (Or I’ve been lucky with all my brides! :p)

So, because of that “kind of skill” that I’ve created, I decided in today’s post, to try to help all the brides who are currently looking for the perfect wedding dress.

First, you need to identify what your body type is. It’s easy! Just remind yourself of your best quality!

  1. If you’re pear-shaped;
  2. If you have a small bust;
  3. If you’re apple-shaped;
  4. If you’re tall;
  5. If you’re straight-lined;
  6. If you’re petite.

For each body type, there is a style of dress that best fits (which does not mean that you can not do a mixture of more than one and shuffle here my whole logic).

I hope you’ll find it useful. Any question, feel free to ask me directly through e-mail, or instagram @maryme.eventos / @mm.privatecollection or Facebook.

1. If you’re pear-shaped

Search for: A skirt that gradually forms the letter A from the waist to the floor. This type of dress will emphasize the narrowness of the middle section and disguise the attention to the hips and haunchs. (Tougher fabrics, such as duchesse silk and taffeta, are especially effective since they will not cling and will leave the movement quite fluid). A bodice with thin straps or V-neckline will also denounce a thinner and more elegant upper body.

Keep in mind: A classic A-line silhouette lends itself to formal weddings. However, it may also work well in a more informal style if you choose a more casual fabric at the bottom, such as eyelet lace or shantung silk.

João Almeida Fotografia

2. If you have a small bust

Look for: A dress with a cheeky neckline. This will open your face and display your neckline without showing too much cleavage. If you love strapless dresses, opt for a heart-shaped neckline instead of a straight-line across. Thus, your bust will look bigger and you will feel more confortable.

Keep in mind: Choose a fabric for the bodice with some sheen on it (eg satin or silk) as this will add volume and draw attention to your chest. “Ruched” fabrics will also have the same effect.


 3. If you’re apple-shaped

Look for: A girdled dress in its thinnest part that gradually takes the form of the letter A. Choose a fabric on the bodice with some texture – something rushed or some lace – tho camouflage the apple’s effect and you will feel more comfortable and stylish. I advise you a highlighted V-neck because it will draw others attention in a vertically way and not in a horizontally one. :p

Keep in mind: Avoid mermaid/trumpet styles as they emphasize the area where your body is wider and it pronounces your legs and knees, which are thinner.


4. If you’re tall

Procure: A simple silhouette. The goal should be to emphasize your natural shape allowing that every part of your dress – the lower waistline, a floor-sweeping hem – reflects your longer and elegant proportions. If you’re wearing long sleeves, they should go past the wrist. You certainly do not want your guests to think you took a short dress to your wedding.

 Keep in mind: Since you have a sculptural body, you do not want to hide it. Many details may be too much and void your quality.


  1. João Almeida Fotografia

5. If you’re straight-lined

Look for: A dress that creates the curves that you do not have. Try a dress cut in bias because the side seam will give you a vavavavoom silhouette! Or look for a princess dress with a natural waist that descends into a full skirt, super flowing and moving. This will enhance your beauty and camouflage the lack of a hip.

Keep in mind: If you have small breasts, look for a bodice with some details to create volume.


Point & Shoot


6. If you’re petite.

Look for: Dresses in mermaid shape, in bias or in the shape of the letter A, …whatever! Find a dress with a waist above your natural waist, to make the bottom half of the dress (and therefore you) appear larger. It doesn’t really matters the fabric: you can get the best out of it! However, the details should be small, in the bodice, only, otherwise, it would look exaggerated.

Keep in mind: Get away from the dresses with a lowered waist – because that makes your legs seem nonexistent: it’s easy to get lost in that voluminous skirt. Also, avoid anything calf-length, which will make your legs look short.

João Almeida Fotografia




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