Romantic Beach Wedding on a Blush Summer Day

On a day as important as today, I presenting you our final wedding inspiration.

As usual, (and because, by now, you already know us a bit more!) whenever we can, and whenever it’s possible, we get together the “fab” team to create dreams!

I must confess that since the end of the last year, João and I were planning this Wedding Inspiration but 2016 just flown and we only got time to make it almost at the end of the Wedding season. Because of that, we could breathe calmly during the last year and build what I consider today, my inspiration for a romantic and exquisite wedding in Portugal.

Portugal has so many charms but we had to choose the seashore to make it and we couldn’t be happier with that choice.

The inspiration’s concept was born from the blush color wedding dress – which I thought I had to find and that was only possible through my wanted friend Maria do Carmo, owner of Amour Glamor – and our incredible redheaded bride, the model Tamaris Gomes, By Face Models.

Everything came naturally after creating the mood board for this styled shoot.

The decoration had to have a very prominent role and everything could only be filmed by the romantic, breathtaking team Pixel.

I have to thank all of you for the fabulous work, the passion that you always devote in your and our work and, last but not the least, the friendship and affection that you place on Mary Me and in everything that we are creating together.

Mary Me is not even half of what it is without the company, the trust, and reliability from all our suppliers.

We hope deep down in our hearts that you will fall in love as much as we (all suppliers involved!) fell when we produced this inspiration.

Delight yourself and be inspired!

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