Symbolic but Still for Life

As you might know, most of our clients come from abroad to get married in Portugal and, because of all the bureaucracy that a legal wedding requires, our clients use to choose symbolic ceremonies to celebrate their union in Portuguese’s lands.
And we will be telling you on today’s post 3 tips to help you organize this type of ceremony.

#1: Your talkative and loyal friend will be crucial

If you have a trustable friend that knows a lot about your love story and relationship, you can ask him to host your ceremony. You can also, choose two friends, one from the side of the bride and the other from the groom’s, that can create a funny and dynamic moment for you and your guests. Please note that is really important to control the time to avoid any unpredictable delay of the remaining services that you’ve hired. A nice tip would be to ask your friends to write down a script that would be strictly respected.

#2: Hire a wedding celebrant

In the last couple of years, this supplier is one of the most wanted from our clients. We do have reliable officiants in the market but it’s still a growing business and a lot of clients don’t really know their existence. A celebrant will prepare with you the ceremony that suits your style, your taste and even that makes sense considering your own relationship. It’s 100% taylormade and this person will host your day and it can also be as intimate as the first one but a little more formal and serious, with a script that was approved and created with you.

#3: The planner knows it all

For sure that the planner that you’ve chosen has a lot of experience of coordinating symbolic weddings and she/he knows a lot about you and your story. She/he can be a perfect choice if you’re having an intimate wedding and you don’t have that talkative and outgoing friend. You can prepare your ceremony with your planner, choose your vows together and she/he will, definitely, control the time planned for the ceremony.

We believe that the most important thing to have in consideration is that you need to choose the type that suits your event and makes you feel comfortable with. We need to consider a lot of factors like the number of guests, the nationalities involved, how you two start dating, the relationship that you have with both families, and all other things that you believe are relevant. After appreciating these topics, for sure you’ll find the perfect plan for both of you!

I hope you’ll find this post interesting and useful. For any further questions, feel free to ask me directly through e-mail or Instagram @maryme.eventos or Facebook.



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