Symbolic destination wedding in Portugal? Know here what you can’t forget!

Are you planning your symbolic destination wedding in Portugal and don’t know where to start?
Our wedding planners have already organized several of these ceremonies and, therefore, today they share with you some key points to help you:

1 – Choice of the celebrant – This is one of the most important decisions if you are looking for an intimate and personalized wedding. So, when selecting a celebrant, ensure that is a person with who you identify and that your values ​​are aligned. You always have the option of asking a charismatic friend or family member, comfortable with words and public speaking, to celebrate the ceremony. However, if you opt for this solution, ensure that a script, approved by you, is followed.

2 – Personalized speeches – One of the advantages of this ceremony is the possibility of including speeches from loved ones during the celebration. But, as we don’t want the ceremony to be too boring, don’t forget to make sure the speech isn’t too long beforehand. For these interventions, we advise a maximum of 7 minutes each.

3- Attention to details – Include details that identify you and that your guests appreciate during the celebration of the ceremony, either through some ritual they choose, or through the thoughtful and intelligent choice of music during the ceremony.

These are just a few tips for planning your symbolic destination wedding in Portugal, but there are many more details that you should be aware of.

But relax!
MARY ME ® wedding planners are here to make your life easier and help you plan everything remotely!

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