The Angolan Engagement’s Rituals

Today’s post was written in collaboration with Talía Jardim (Glamour Assessoria), who’s a wedding planner in Angola, Africa and we will share with you some curiosities about the traditional Angolan proposal.


When the boy decides to propose his girlfriend, it’s time to schedule the Alambamento that it’s made by his eldest uncle and aunt.
This is a ceremony that has a lot of meaning and rituals that need to be traditionally respected:

  1. The future groom writes a letter: He writes a formal letter to the family of the future bride to ask their permission to marry her;
  2. Her family’s answer: Instead of saying “Yes” or “Let’s go for it!” the family of the future bride writes a letter with all their demands that must be answered – in a strict deadline – to have the permission requested.

In this list the family asks to: buy the bride’s father suit; for beer, for wine, for food or they can ask money.


Once reached the deadline, the family shall meet to check if everything was delivered as requested.
At this ritual, the couple is not present and their family is the only people allowed. The future bride’s uncle and aunt are responsible for checking all the list and only after approval, the future groom is called to enter to the room and book the wedding day… but he still has one missing challenge to go!


After booking the wedding day, the family of the bride carries the groom on their shoulders while he walks around the room and gives money to the bride’s aunts.
During this funny step, the bride magically arises under colorful textiles and the groom, without seeing her, has to identify her among other persons by only touching her silhouette.

And now, only after crossing all these requirements, we can call them bride and groom and expect a fabulous shining wedding, one year later.

So, in case you’re a groom and you’ve made it successfully, for sure you’ll need a planner to rest during your planning!

Lots of Love!

I hope you’ll find this post interesting and useful. For any further questions, feel free to ask me directly through e-mail or Instagram @maryme.eventos or Facebook.



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