Top 3 Venues with an amazing Plan B for your Destination Wedding!

If you’ve already decided to hire a wedding planner to help with your destination wedding, it’s because you know you need someone who knows precisely what works and what doesn’t! One of the things Mary Me knows from our own essential experience is having a plan B in case S. Pedro doesn’t bless the weather on the day of your Destination Wedding.

We know that at first, this idea might seem a little daunting, so today we show you that there are venues with great Plan Bs! We leave you three of our suggestions below:

Pestana Palácio do Freixo: The Palácio do Freixo is located on the bank of the Douro River, on the Porto side, and has a fantastic view of Vila Nova de Gaia! In addition to its magnificent exteriors, it has interior rooms with romantic and classic decorations. Don’t want to miss the fantastic view? Then hold your ceremony in the tent in their gardens, whether it’s raining or sunny, it’s an extraordinary option! See the photo below.

The Yeatman Hotel: If it’s a luxury hotel with a modern yet elegant style that you’re looking for then this is the answer to your prayers! This hotel also has a fantastic view, this time over the city of Porto! Its interior features decoration that will leave anyone speechless, and it would be a great idea if you had to hold the ceremony indoors.

Quinta da Pacheca: It is in the heart of the Douro that you can find this magnificent venue! Surrounded by beautiful vineyards that build an overwhelming landscape, Quinta da Pacheca also features an interior venue with decorations alluding to the typical Portuguese wine cellars!

Do you feel more secure with one plan B? Do you already feel that even if the weather is bad your destination wedding is going to be amazing?
We have much more knowledge to make your destination wedding fantastic whatever the conditions.
So, instead of thinking about getting insurance against all risks, get in touch with us to make sure this day is going to be spectacular! Just fill out our form.

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