Top 5 apps to help you plan your wedding

Are you thinking about planning your own wedding?! Today we will give to you 5 apps/websites, so you don’t get lost along the way and always stay organized.

So that no information is missing for your guests

Do you want all the information about the day to be easily accessible?! Zankyou gives you the opportunity to create a custom website for your big day. Create something unique that will share every detail of your wedding with all your guests, such as accommodations, maps, activities they can do, hairdressers, wedding playlist and much more!

Get inspired and make your own personalized invitations

Do you want to have your invitations made by you but with a soul of design?! Minted is a website that offers work made by independent artists and graphic designers. Here you can find elegant invitations, save-the-dates, ceremony programs and escort cards. Get inspired!

So that you don’t lose anything

Keep everything in a safe and easily accessible place! Google drive is a platform where you can store and share on a drive all payment lists, records, whether they are in Word, PDF or spreadsheets. Take advantage of it and save all your inspiration pictures so you don’t run out of ideas!

Don’t miss a thing

You don’t need to depend only on yourself to accomplish all your tasks flawlessly. Trello is an application that replaces the huge notebook you carry around. Organize your entire wedding on Trello’s virtual pinboard, enter the tasks to be done individually or as a couple with their descriptions, deadlines, and goals to be achieved.

Your digital assistant

So that on your big day nothing is missing, and everything is aligned. WeddingHappy is a completely free application where you can enter all the tasks and do them along the way and on the day. Share it with your partner so that nothing can get away from you.

Are you getting crazy with so many tasks, deadlines and tasks to do and even with those Apps, you’re thinking that it won’t be enough and you’ll need an extra hand?! Tell us your concerns and we will be happy to help you. Schedule your appointment with us now!



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