Want to represent different cultures in your destination wedding in Portugal? Find how to do it!

f you’ve already fallen in love with Portugal and chosen our country as the setting for your destination wedding, we’re sure you’ll also want to let your guests know about our magnificent culture.
However, you will also want to make them feel included and represent some traditions of the country they come from.
You don’t know how you’re going to manage to do these two things?
This is one of the most challenging tasks for our wedding planners, as they want everyone to enjoy Portuguese culture to the fullest while also never forgetting your roots.
Do you know how we do it?

1 – Fun: A DJ or a band is something you can’t miss at party time! Talk to them about the songs you’d like to be played and I’ve included the ones that are always playing on the radio in your country! To represent Portugal, he hires a fado singer, there is no one that this typical Portuguese music genre will pass by! — in every decision you make for this point, take into account the ages of your guests, expectations, musical tastes, but also surprise them so that they can take memories of Portugal back to their countries.

2 – Guarantees the essence of cultures: Sometimes the small details are the most important. So if you have any wedding day traditions in the country you come from, include them. For example, we know that in Ireland there is a custom of having a box where guests can leave a card, if you come from Ireland this is a must! When it comes to Portuguese traditions, one of the things that our customers like the most is using typical Portuguese tiles.

3 – The taste and aroma of the different countries: Each country has its most typical drink, if you come from Scotland bring a good whiskey, in turn if you have guests from Brazil the caipirinha is essential! Of course, port wine always has to join this list! 🇧🇷

It may seem like a lot to take into account, but that’s why our team is here!
If what you are looking for is a service with attention to these details, then do not forget to contact us using our form

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