Weddings Are Back In Portugal

The pandemic has changed everything. In the past year, many couples have been on standby after being required to postpone their weddings and reduce the number of guests at the event. Many plans had to be changed as the perfect day got more and more distant and uncertain. After all, when can we get married? Under what conditions? Who can we have at our wedding? So many doubts, anxieties, and insecurities at a time that should be one of happiness and enthusiasm.

Fortunately, although the pandemic is still among us, the situation is calmer and more controlled; life starts to return, little by little, to a greater normality… even when it comes to weddings! The National Institute of Statistics (INE) reports that, during the month of May 2021, there were a total of 2602 marriages celebrated in the Portuguese territory. This number represents a resounding increase of 88.4% compared to the month of April when 1381 marriages had been celebrated. This growth becomes even more notable when we compare these numbers with the same period of the previous year, where only 117 new marriages were registered. As explained by INE, there is a trend towards an increase in these ceremonies, which should grow even more in these summer months: the high season for weddings.

So, if you’re thinking of getting married, don’t waste any more time and start planning your dream day right now, in a destination that offers the necessary safety conditions so that everything runs smoothly… Portugal!

Find out from a wedding planner like Mary Me, so you have the support, advice, and organizational skills you need to make the big day run smoothly!



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