Planning a wedding requires a lot of thinking and imagination, especially when referring to a destination wedding, with guests from different cultures and who come from places with different time zones.

Doing it, in a creative and fun way, may not always be as easy as it seems and, in today’s article, we show you how the MARY ME ® team stimulates creativity, daily, to ensure that our customers, always have invigorating support from their side:

1 – FOR ONE PROBLEM, TWO SOLUTIONS: For everything, there has to be a plan A, B, and C (at least!), and, for every unforeseen event, we always have to have at least two solutions. Only in this way can we make quick and effective decisions, if we need to. Have you ever thought if the choir you chose for the ceremony is standing on the road and everyone is waiting for your arrival?! What can you do to entertain them?! You, not someone, certainly!

2 – TEAM BRAINSTORMING – In our weekly meetings, it is very important that each department shares its experiences and, daily, helps each team member because we believe two heads think better than one! Thus, we guarantee the best options for each client, because the entire team was involved in this suggestion.

3 – GET TO KNOW THE CLIENTS IN-DEPTH – Your destination wedding should look like you, and that’s why our wedding planners establish a close relationship with our clients, to be able to contribute with several suggestions that they hadn’t thought of but fit in with the perfection with every couple. It’s very important to guarantee originality in everything we do because if you’re going to get married once, we’ve already got married a lot!

Now that you understand that creativity is present throughout the whole journey of organizing a destination wedding at MARY ME ®, what are you waiting for to get in touch with us? We guarantee it will be fun!



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