What you should know about your guests when looking for the venue for your destination wedding.

The search for space for your destination wedding in Portugal is one of the tasks that more commitment requires, as we are sure you will want it to be perfect.
Our advice is that you always think about your guests throughout this process because you will want them to feel welcome and have fun too.

1- Countries and cities you come from – As this is a destination wedding, you almost certainly have guests who come from different countries. Therefore, you must take into account the different time zones and look for a venue that is available at a time when no one will feel the effects of the jet leg. After all, who likes to appear with dark circles in the photos??

2- Age groups – If your guest list includes guests of different ages, from your grandparents to the wedding ring boy, you’ll have to make sure everyone has fun and feels comfortable. So choose a space that allows the older ones to rest but also has space for the younger ones to play!

3- Culture, religion and customs – You must take into account the customs and religions of all your guests. For example, if you have a Jewish guest, don’t forget that you can’t eat pork.

4- Dietary restrictions – For your guests to make the most of these days, knowing your dietary restrictions is crucial, as this is the only way to ensure that no one feels unwell. Therefore, it ensures that you note down all allergies and intolerances of all guests as soon as they confirm their presence.

5- General Expectations – Surely your guests have expectations of how they will be received: good food, a good view, socializing among all… Make sure you check all of this, so that everyone feels welcome.

Does it seem like too many details to take into account?? Don’t worry, our wedding planners take all these points into account and more when they help you find the best location for your destination wedding.

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