Why Couples Choose a Destination Wedding.

After telling you what Portugal has best in a previous post, we will be telling you on today’s post the reasons why our couples choose a Destination Wedding to celebrate their union.

#1. Different cultures, same destination.

Most of our couples live abroad their own countries and have different nationalities between them. They choose a destination wedding, that they both like, to avoid any awkward situation with their relatives and friends. With that decision, all of their guests will have to travel to the same city and no side of the family will have privileged treatment.

#2. Budget’s maximization.

Nowadays, the majority of our couples want an intimate and exclusive wedding with their closest friends and family and they feel that they can’t get it in their own country.
As they have a lot of work colleagues, big and extended families, they believe that they “are forced” to invite them all if they stay at their hometown.
Choosing a destination wedding will allow them to spend the same budget but with less guests. They can now appreciate what they really like and enjoy with persons that are really important for them.

#3. The wedding lasts more than one day.

Travelling along from other countries, guests and couples don’t come only for the wedding day. They take the chance to visit the city or even the country and some get the opportunity to stay longer and travel around the Europe. The wedding day itself takes 2 or 3 days as we always organize a welcome party and after party activities. It helps bonding before and after the wedding day between couples and guests.

Above you’ll find some pictures took by Meraki from our couple Qixin and Richard that will get married next August. They both live in London, UK but she is Australian and they chose the Douro Valley to get married.


If you’re considering to plan a destination wedding, we hope you’ll find this post interesting and useful.

For any further questions, feel free to ask us directly through e-mail or Instagram @maryme.eventos or Facebook.



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