Why should Porto be the city chosen for your Destination Wedding in Portugal!

If you are looking for a friendly city environment, Porto is the ideal option for you! You do not believe? We give you 4 reasons that prove that this city is the best for any destination wedding in Portugal:

1-Urban but cozy atmosphere: If you are looking to get married in the city but at the same time want a cozy atmosphere, this is the perfect city for you. Being the second-largest city in the country, Porto has everything you could need, and at the same time the people are friendly, the city’s atmosphere is relaxed, ideal for you and your guests to have fun!

2-Full days: Porto is full of activities with which you can fill the days of your destination wedding. For example, take advantage of the previous day to take a boat trip along the Douro or to visit the Port wine cellars.

3-Spaces for weddings: If you are wondering if in the center of a city you can find the ideal space for your destination wedding, then the answer is yes! In Porto, you can find the Palácio do Freixo, if you are looking for something more romantic, or The Yeatman for those who prefer something elegant and modern.

4-Diverse areas: Porto is a very diverse city that has something to offer for all kinds of tastes. From river and river beaches to the sea and even beautiful green spaces, ideal for relaxing. You just have to choose what suits you and your guests best and take the opportunity to go for a walk together. Fun is guaranteed!

With so much distraction now, you realize you’re going to need help?!
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