Why you should hire a local wedding planner for your Destination Wedding in Portugal?!

Are you planning your destination wedding in Portugal but have difficulties making all the decisions remotely? We have the solution for you! Hire a local wedding planner so that you always have someone close to all the necessary points of contact and who can easily solve all the unforeseen eventes, which would be much more complicated being farway!

Thus, you will be able to reduce your trips to Portugal and you can restrict them only to what you consider really essential. In our opinion, there are only 4 reasons why you should come here:

1 – Visit the venue: The venue is one of the most important decisions you have to make. Therefore, we understand that you feel the need to visit it. You can do this during the selection process and visit several locations before selecting, but you can also just visit later after you’ve made your decision, just to get a better idea of ​​how everything will be organized for the day.

2 – Hair and makeup: On the day of your destination wedding you should feel confident with your appearance! For this reason, it is important that you test with the makeup artist and the hairdresser and explain to them what you like and don’t like. Only then will they find the ideal look for you!

3 – Photo session: We are sure that you will also want to meet with the photographer and carry out a photo session, not only to keep the memory, but also to let the photographer know your expectations for the wedding day.

4 – Menu and wedding cake tasting: Food is without a doubt a big part of a destination wedding in Portugal! Schedule a tasting with the catering manager, in order to guarantee the quality of the service. Enjoy, and delight yourself with the cake tasting!

Now you see why you should have a local wedding planner? Our wedding planners want you to relax as much as possible during this entire process. Therefore, they are prepared to schedule all this for you in order to reduce your travels as much as possible!

So don’t rush to catch a plane. Instead, get in touch with us using our form, and let us do the rest!

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