Destination Wedding: 3 biggest concerns during the planning process

We’ve been talking a lot about what captivates foreigners to get married here in Portugal but we never told you what are the biggest concerns from our couples, when they hire us and during the planning process.

That’s what we’ll be telling you about on today’s post!

#1. The landscape

Most of our couples choose the Douro Valley and the Algarve to tie the knot. Some of them prefer a countryside venue and others want to have the sea as their ceremony background. They choose Portugal because they really relate to our nature and they have to have on the wedding day a venue that really breaths the Portuguese atmosphere.

#2. Give their guests amazing experiences with great food and great wine

One of their biggest worries is that they want to give their guests a weekend full of Portuguese experiences. We propose boat trips, wine tastings, barbecues with amazing views, visits to cellars and a lot of other events that allow their guests to get to know more about our culture delicacies. Those pre and post wedding events help the couple to get along with their family and friends during those days and better enjoy their special day!

#3. Taylormade attendance during the entire planning process:

While we’re planning a wedding, we’re always available to clarify not only the couple that hires us but also their guests and helps them with accommodation, RSVP, hair, and makeup for the wedding day and many other requests and needs that they might have during their stay in Portugal. This tool is really important for our couples because we’re standing by them and, at the same time, we’re helping them to be relaxed, stress-free but still part of the process. After all, it’s their wedding that we’re talking about.

These are just common worries that our couples tell us before hiring us, which allow us to define a route during the next months. We want them to feel assisted and happy to choose “Mary Me” – and Portugal -, for their wedding day.
From our experience, each couple has different needs and expectations and we have to answer them accordingly so it’s very important that we really “connect” with our clients. That’s the only way we have to guess their desires!

Lots of love,
Maria Luís and Carolina

For any further questions, feel free to ask us directly through e-mail or Instagram @maryme.eventos or Facebook.

About Laura and Théo wedding. A Jewish destination wedding. Lovely made by Colibri Films

Gepostet von Mary Me – Eventos am Montag, 3. Juni 2019



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