The first impression you have for a wedding is its invitation, either it is digital or traditional. There are lots of designs and types of invitations, so you “just” need to choose the one you identify yourselves and your wedding with.
Here are some things you must have in mind when creating your wedding invitation:

#1. Choose your style

The invitation is the business card of your wedding so it has to have your personal style and tastes. The colors and drawings chosen will define all your wedding decoration and design and everything has to be done from scratch.

#2. Less is more

It has to be clear and objective otherwise it will look confusing for your guests and it might lose information. You need to answer these questions: What (a wedding), Who (you and your fiancé), When (the date), Where (the venue), How (the dress code). About this topic please take a look at these 2 extra notes:

a) If you’re thinking to add any directions details please don’t copy+paste a Google Maps there and ask your designer to create your own map;
b) Nowadays a lot of couples forget to add the dress code information but they should. This is the best way to avoid any embarrassments with your guests.

#3. Send it on time

Don’t deliver your invitations near the wedding date. It should be delivered between 4-6 months before. You can also have a Save the Date to send one year before the wedding, so you have more time for the invitations. If your guests live in another country, make sure you send it on time to avoid any delays.

I hope you’ll find this post interesting and useful. For any further questions, feel free to ask me directly through e-mail or Instagram @maryme.eventos or Facebook.



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