The bride’s morning walk.

Today we're sharing with you our latest styled shoot, produced with all our hearts and passion.
We most say that it will show you one of the most beautiful moments of a wedding day that, unfortunately, is not really magnified as it should be: the bride's morning at her wedding day. With this photoshoot we wanted to eternalize those moments, minutes, hours... before she says her powerful and faithful yes.
A mixture of anxiety, happiness and panic, haunts the morning of all the brides, even the confident ones.
Moments like these, which we have the privilege to witness, makes us more humans, more physical and more demanding about all the planning for our brides' wedding day. Because, it really doesn't matter how definite and planned the day is, our brides, during that morning, will always revise a million of times the day they have always dreamed, in such a personal and exclusive way that makes them insecure and incapable, however happy and ecstatic they are.
With this styled shoot we tried to capture just a little of this amazing morning and we invited this beautiful bride to take a walk with us. The best way that we've found to transpose a bridal's feelings  on the morning was the variety of scenarios, colors and textures... and that's why we've chosen this magical venue!
The guilty ones would have to be the usual ones! Because we were registering such exclusive moments, also the team had to be exclusive... and intimate, loyal and cohesive.
We thank everyone for their affection, dedication and love for the work they always show.
The result, modesty aside, is in full view!

Maria Luís Vaz Teixeira, Founder, Wedding Planner.

Planning, Coordination & Decoration: Mary Me Eventos®.

Photography: João Almeida.

Wedding Dress: Amour Glamour.

Hair: Joana Pimenta.

Makeup: Bárbara Brandão.

Jewellery: Trendevotion.

Graphic Design: Invite Mi®.

Wedding Cake: Pecado dos Anjos.

Model: Luísa Jacob.

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