Maria Luís Vaz Teixeira

My name is Maria (Mary for friends and vendors). I am a lawyer by profession and a Wedding Planner by passion.

From an early age, I began to participate in the world of weddings: first as a dancer and later helping planning wedding and bachelorette parties for friends and family.

Even though I enjoy the profession that I still hold in mid-2013, I felt the need to bring into my life some pink butterflies, blue cute little birds, and the princess dresses.

So, I started this journey in this Neverland! I decided to invest (and I still do) in training in the area of wedding planning and decoration, which allowed and allows me to relate to countless national and international contacts and embrace this new area.

... and so Mary Me® was born and grew!

Mary Me Eventos® is a Portuguese wedding planning company, specialized in Destination Weddings in Portugal for worldwide couples.

The Douro Valley and the Algarve are two of the TOP places in Portugal where foreigners choose to tie the knot.

Come get married in this wonderful country full of history, tradition, and tasty gastronomy.

See your dream wedding come true!

(Founder, Creative Director, Manager and Wedding Coordinator)



Save Time & Money

Planning a wedding requires having plenty of time available. In fact, a couple needs an average of about 200 hours to prepare their big day. Mary Me® helps the bride and groom save time, energy and resources, taking care of the many essential details, always with creative ideas to make your wedding a fantastic event!


Save relantionships

Organizing a wedding is quite stressful, which often results in discussions either between couples or with one's family. Mary Me® will always be present and knows how to prevent the emergence of problems, as well as eradicate them when they arise. It also assumes responsibilities that could be from nearby entities so that they can also enjoy the wedding day.


Solves conflicts

Whether we like it or not, most marriages involve conflicts. Who really wants to have to deal on the wedding day with setbacks, such as the fact that the company responsible for the wedding cake does not deliver it or the decorator changes the request? No one! Mary Me® knows how to handle the various unpredictable and improbable scenarios, so that everything is resolved without you even noticed.


Offers counseling

Mary Me® knows exactly what works and what will not work out in each case. It has knowledge about etiquette, wedding protocol, fashion, and styling. In addition to that, it only deals with suppliers whose competence and quality Mary Me® knows and recommends.


Minimizes stress & maximizes the fun

Hiring Mary Me® ensures a worry-free day, which will allow the couple to enjoy their day with their guests.


Mission Accomplished

In addition to the surprises that you will enjoy if you hire Mary Me®, when you look back and remember the wedding day, you will feel that your dream has been realized, that no detail has been forgotten and that, after all, it would not have been possible without the help of Mary Me®.


Rita Gomes

Rita Gomes
(Wedding Planner Assistant)

Carolina Costa

Carolina Costa