3 Ideas for the welcome bags of your destination wedding in Portugal!

If you’re planning a destination wedding in Portugal, we’re sure you’ve already thought about distributing welcome bags to your guests, as a way of thanking them for coming to be there for your big day.
Therefore, today we present to you 3 factors that you should take into account to offer memorable welcome bags:

1 – Put something that represents you: This will be one of your wedding memories, so it makes perfect sense that you include something that represents your history and your culture!

2 – Represent Portugal: If you are getting married in a country far from home, it makes perfect sense that you put something that characterizes you and that makes Portuguese culture known to your guests. For example, placing a tile or a galo de barcelos.

3 – Think about your guests: If you are going to deliver welcome bags when your guests arrive, make sure you include something that is useful for them. Put a bottle of water so they can quench their thirst or have some appetizing snack.

Do you already know what you are going to include in your welcome bags for each of these ideas or do you need a little push? Our wedding planners know what works and what doesn’t and are ready to help you in everything you might need from us.
If you need help with this oe with another tasks, get in touch with us using our form!

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